Who's Who?

The Derby College Group Structure

Our vision

Inclusive, inspirational and innovative learning communities: predicting and serving the needs of our learners, the economy and society.

Our mission

Preparing individuals for the next phase of their lives: the world of work, entrepreneurship, advanced learning, career progression and to contribute as positive citizens.

Mandie Stravino MBA
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mandie was appointed, as Chief Executive, in October 2012 and is accountable for the DC Group. Working in partnership with the Board, she shapes the direction of the organisation and is responsible for strategic enactment and performance.

Mandie holds a variety of related non-executive roles including: Member of the Derby Renaissance Board and Derby Economic Partnership, CBI Regional Councillor, Member of the AoC Regional Council and Member of the National AoC Governance Portfolio Group.

Mandie Stravino

Heather Simcox
Deputy CEO – Strategy and Corporate Services (SPH)

Heather is responsible for the Group’s transformational change agenda which underpins the delivery of the Corporate Strategic Plan. Her Corporate Services Team oversees project management, change management, performance management and communications.

Heather is also accountable for the Group’s Corporate Services functions including: Business Intelligence, Strategy & Policy, Business Improvement, Human Resources, Marketing, IT, MIS and the College’s Property Portfolio.

Heather also leads the Group’s school/education partnership work.

Heather Simcox

Jonathan Fearon
Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

Jonathan joined the Group in September 2016. He has a wealth of experience in both the FE and schools sectors. He is responsible for the financial performance of the group.

Jon Fearon

April Hayhurst
Deputy Principal – Employer and Economic Affairs

April is responsible for the organisation’s business engagement strategy, ensuring that the Group meets the needs of employers by generating the talent required in order for them to flourish.

April is also accountable for the performance of the Group’s subsidiary (MBS Ltd) which includes Roundhouse Events, Roundhouse Thinking and Roundhouse Recruitment.

She also oversees the employer academies, business training, apprenticeships, sub-contracting/partnerships and work placement and employment.

April Hayhurst

Anita Straffon
Deputy Principal – Education and Learner Experience

Anita is accountable for the management, development and performance of the College’s education and learner experience. She provides operational leadership for all provision across the College campuses and line manages the College and Faculty Heads.

Anita is also the Nominee for all Ofsted provision, which includes FE, Residential and Nursery provision.

Anita Straffon

Rose Matthews
Clerk to the Derby College Corporation

Rose was appointed, by the Board, to support and facilitate continuous improvement in College governance.

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