Screening Results

The results of your screening assessment indicate to us what level you are currently working at in your maths and English. We will use the results of your screening, in conjunction with your GCSE results, to inform a decision about what level of main study and maths and English programme you will work towards.

The table below gives a general guide to the levels that you will study at based on your GCSE and screening results:

Screening ResultGCSE ResultsMain ProgrammeMaths and English
Entry 2 or belowFoundation TierEntry 3 or below
Entry 3E and FLevel 1Level 1
Level 1E and FLevel 1Level 2
Level 2D and ELevel 2Level 2/GCSE
Level 2 or aboveC or aboveLevel 3

We aim to fulfil your potential in maths and English and will work with you on a programme of development during your time at the college.

The table below shows a typical 3 year journey for a school leaver:

Screening ResultYear 1Year 2Year 3
E3 and belowAchieve Functional Skills at Entry 3/Level 1Achieve Level 1/Level 2Achieve Functional Skills at L2/GCSE 1 year programme
L1Achieve Functional Skills at Level 2Achieve Functional Skills at Level 2/ GCSE 1 year programmeGCSE 1 year programme
L21 year GCSE programmeGrade C in June or if not Sept start on Nov re-sit programmeGCSE 1 year programme
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