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Level: 1

Location: Joseph Wright Centre

Years: 1

Interview: Y

Course Summary

The Level 1 Introductory Art and Design course provides you with exciting creative and practical opportunities to continue developing your artistic skills through individual exploration of art and design.

If you don’t already have a grade C [4] or above at GCSE in English and Maths, you’ll continue to study these subjects. You’ll also have the opportunity to develop digital literacy skills to help you succeed in your learning, work and everyday life.

The course enables you to further develop your creativity, imagination and practical skills in communicating and expressing ideas, feelings and meanings through art and design.

It is designed so that it can be co-taught with new GCSE (9-1) qualifications, potentially enabling students to achieve a higher award.

Entry requirements

You need to be under 19, have limited achievement at GCSE (grades E-G) and a sound interest in art and design.  All applicants will be interviewed, will undertake an initial assessment of English and maths, and will be encouraged to present examples of current work.

Course Content

On the course, you will have an opportunity to produce work that demonstrates a personal response to starting points, briefs, scenarios or stimuli. This can be done in two ways: one large portfolio or two smaller portfolios covering all the assessment objectives.

The Certificate in Art and Design consists of tasks that are both assessed by College and externally moderated by the Awarding Body.

For the purposes of assessment, you will provide evidence of all the assessment objectives through the careful selection and presentation of work.

You will also study Functional Skills in English and Maths at the appropriate level. This will support your main programme of study, enhance your life skills and help with your future career progression.

How will I be assessed?

There are three areas of assessment:

Portfolio – Develop and Refine Ideas = 30 marks

All work is set by College, internally assessed and externally moderated. You will produce a portfolio of work developed from personal and/or College-devised starting points, or College devised briefs, projects and assignments.

Portfolio – Record Ideas and Present Response = 30 marks

All work is set by College, internally assessed and externally moderated. You will produce a portfolio of work developed from personal and/or centre-devised starting points, or centre-devised briefs, projects and assignments.

Work set by the Awarding Body = 40 marks

All work is set by College, internally-assessed and externally-moderated. You will select one theme from a list provided by the Awarding Body to which you will produce a personal response. You will have ten hours in which to work on realising your ideas to outcome(s). However, our teachers may use their discretion about the timing, depending on the individual student.

Continuous assessment of project work will take place throughout the year, via observation and the development of a portfolio of art work. Functional English and Maths will be assessed through a controlled final exam.

Are there any additional costs or specialist equipment required?

You will be required to purchase a basic art and design toolkit costing approximately £25 based on a list provided at enrolment (concessions are available subject to your status). You will also need a journal or notebook at all times throughout the course.

What can I do after this course?

Further study
The key purpose of this course is to develop your skills and confidence further and to enable you to progress to the next level of study: Intermediate Art and Design or Intermediate Media. It will help you build a portfolio of successful work ready for interview.
This course paves the way to a future career in the creative industries. It represents a first step towards a junior position in art-based industries or – with additional qualifications – more senior roles as a creative professional. 


This course is run at the Joseph Wright Centre

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Jamie Holmes

Jamie Holmes

Weaving a success story in textile design

Peak Award winner Jamie Holmes showed there are no barriers to success if you have genuine creative talent.

Profoundly deaf, Jamie joined the College from the Royal School for the Deaf and was supported by a signer throughout his studies. He excelled on his Art and Design Diploma, specialising in fashion and textiles, and now has a place studying Textile Design at Huddersfield University – with his sights set on a future career in the creative industries.

At our 2014 Peak Awards, Jamie won the Visual Arts prize, sponsored by Maber Associates Ltd, for his determination and willingness to improve.

When I first started at College, I was really lacking in confidence but I had so much help and support that I really found myself and I am looking forward to making the most of university.
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