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People Skills - Improving your Personal Impact and Interpersonal RelationshipsMore Information »

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Level: 2

Location: Broomfield Hall

Years: 1

Interview: N

Course Summary

Leaders today need to interact with a great number of people, most of whom will differ from themselves. The ability to understand how you are being perceived - and to manage your interactions based upon both this perception and the communication style of the other person - is vital to building effective relationships and adopting a more collaborative approach.

This workshop is designed to help you develop your self-awareness about how you come across to others.  It will enable you to think deliberately about your day-to-day interactions, assess your own style and identify ways to develop new and highly effective approaches to building and managing more productive relationships.


Who should attend?

The workshop is ideal for managers who wish to improve their interpersonal relationships and reflect on what they are currently achieving compared with what they want to achieve.  It will provide the environment, support and guidance to create a personal strategy for improvement.

Please Note: This course is run by Roundhouse Thinking. Visit the Roundhouse Thinking website for further information


* Tuition - This figure is the fee to be paid if you are not entitled to any concessions.
*** Co-Tuition - This figure is the fee to be paid if you are entitled to any partial concessions.

This course is run at the Broomfield Hall Campus

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